Card payment solutions
for taxi fleets.

The UK's smartest taxi fleets use CabCard to delight passengers, make drivers happy, and save money.

Ready to grow your business and save money?

CabCard's payment solution is low cost and easy to set up. Your passengers and drivers will love it.


Passenger Convenience

In-vehicle payments are convenient and secure for passengers. Accept Contactless, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

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Driver Happiness

Low processing fees and quick payouts directly to each driver's bank account or card.

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Low Cost Solution

Processing rates of 1% or less. No upfront cost or setup fees: spread your hardware cost over the contract term.

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Automation and Control

Free up your back office team with automated driver payouts. See your whole fleet's activity in real time, with detailed analytics.

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Passenger Convenience

Let your passengers
pay by card in your vehicles.

Thanks to the convenience of contactless and mobile payments, cash is being displaced by card payments.

69% of UK consumers* prefer to pay by card. If you're not accepting card payments, you're losing customers to your competitors.

* Source: PSR report, 2019

Driver Happiness

Quick payments directly to
drivers' bank accounts.

Make drivers happy with low cost payment processing, and payments made quickly, directly to each driver's bank account.

Your drivers will have access to their own online dashboard to keep track of their transactions and payments.

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Low Cost Solution

Low processing fees with
no upfront cost.

A low processing cost ensures drivers warmly welcome card payments, so customers keep coming back. CabCard's fleet processing rate of 1% or less for most card types is the lowest rate in the taxi sector.

By spreading out the cost of your terminal hardware across the length of your contract term, you can equip your fleet with the latest payment technology with no capital outlay and no setup fees.

Processing fees of 1%* or less.

The lowest processing rates in the taxi sector.

No upfront cost.

Spread your hardware purchase over your contract term.

No minimum transaction volume.

Avoid nasty surprises and hidden fees.

No setup charges or upfront costs.

Avoid capital expenditure.

No payout fees or statement costs.

Drivers can be paid weekly or every working day.

* For the most common card types.

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Automation & Control

Monitor your fleet
in real time.

Your back office team can view all drivers' transactional activity as it happens.

An in-depth analytics and reporting dashboard allows you to monitor and analyse driver performance.

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A flexible solution to suit your fleet.

Whether you have 20 drivers or 500, CabCard's solution can be tailored to your needs.


Who pays processing fees?

Most fleets choose for their drivers to pay card processing fees.

If you prefer, your drivers can recieve their full fare, with processing fees paid by your fleet company.

How are drivers paid?

To save cost and administrative work, most fleets choose for CabCard to pay their drivers directly, into a bank account.

If you prefer, CabCard can pay your fleet company, so you can pay out to your drivers.


Develop an additional revenue stream.

Smart fleet operators know the importance of ensuring drivers warmly welcome card payments by keeping processing rates for their drivers as low as possible. This helps to keep customers coming back.

CabCard can help your fleet to grow an additional revenue stream by paying you a commission for card payments accepted by your drivers. There's a careful balance to strike between keeping your drivers happy and earning additional revenues, and our fleets team will be happy to help advise you on different options for your fleet.

"Our customers now want the ability to pay by card or to use their smartphone.

Our drivers are really pleased — they can accept card payment by contactless, Chip & PIN, Apple and Google Pay in every vehicle."

Stuart Leech, Telecabs (Managing Director)
Case Studies

Used by taxi fleets all over the UK

Since 2007, CabCard has served taxi fleets of all shapes and sizes from Penzance to Aberdeen. Read case studies.

KLM switched to CabCard to provide a great customer experience to passengers.

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Torbay Taxis, a 175 car fleet, saved 60% on processing by switching to CabCard.

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Emerald Taxis attracted new customers for their growing fleet by accepting cards in every vehicle.

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Telecabs met customer demand by allowing their 30 drivers to take contactless and mobile payments.

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CabCard works with your existing tools

Whatever data dispatch system you're using, we'll fit right in.


CabCard is an iCabbi partner. Find out more on the iCabbi marketplace.


CabCard is an Autocab Connect Partner.


CabCard works seamlessly with Cab9.

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