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Case Study: Torbay Taxis

Private Hire Fleet · 175 Vehicles · Torquay, Devon


Torbay Taxis is a private hire taxi fleet based in Torquay, serving Torbay and the surrounding areas. Operating around 175 vehicles, the company was previously accepting card payments in all of its vehicles using a large US-based provider. The fleet was experiencing some issues with their provider:

After PSD2 regulation outlawed card payment surcharges for consumers, the fleet faced very expensive bills for its card processing activities.

Card payment terminal equipment which had been provided was outdated and very bulky, with drivers complaining of problems storing terminals in the vehicle.

When equipment was returned to the provider with faults, the replacement units were invariably just as old and outdated, leading to further faults and issues.

Resolving problems and answering queries was difficult, because the provider's customer support call center was operated from a large international base in South East Asia, where poor English was spoken and staff were not easily able to understand issues.

As a result, Torbay started looking for card payment solution which would help them to save money, and modernise their equipment while improving their customer service relationship.

CabCard's Solution

After meeting with the CabCard fleet team, Torbay decided to give a CabCard Pocket terminal to each of the fleet's drivers. This standalone terminal is a very modern solution, and it is small enough to slip inside a driver's pocket. Connecting to the payment networks via the included SIM card, it provides a simple and easy to use payment method, with no need for a Bluetooth connection or driver smartphone app. Since Torbay had been looking for a modern piece of hardware that would be more convenient for drivers, this seemed like the perfect solution.

CabCard's team configured all of the Torbay driver terminals, sending them to the fleet to hand out to each driver. During the onboarding process, a connectivity issue was discovered with some of the terminals. CabCard sent a technician to Torbay's offices the next day, and ensured the issue was quickly resolved to ensure the onboarding process could continue smoothly.

“With any process like this you expect a few bumps along the way. CabCard made sure the transition went well. I'm happy with the way it's gone, and our drivers have reported no issues. ”

Paul Le Huray, Torbay Taxis Director

Each terminal was allocated to a driver, and each driver had an account set up by CabCard so that their fares and tips could be sent directly to the driver's bank account using the UK's Faster Payments system. Using the CabCard online dashboard, every Torbay driver is able to view their transactions, account balance and payout history in real time from any device.

“I expect to be able to pay by card wherever I go, and I'm always surprised when I can't... with CabCard, everything is running smoothly.”

Paul Le Huray, Torbay Taxis Director

The Torbay administration team was provided with access to the CabCard fleet operator dashboard, enabling the back office operators to have a real time overview of transactional activity across the fleet. In combination with their data dispatch system, this provides a highly detailed understanding of the jobs underway.

Whenever a query arises, from Torbay drivers or their back-office team, they are able to call the CabCard support team directly, or use email or web chat, for 24/7 service. Since CabCard's support team is based in the UK and is highly trained, with over a decade's experience in the taxi sector, issues can be resolved quickly and easily.

“One thing that is quite important is being able to get any issues resolved quickly. Our previous provider had a call center in the Philippines, which could be quite frustrating. With CabCard, calls are answered quickly, and resolving issues is much easier.”

Paul Le Huray, Torbay Taxis Director

Key Results

Torbay's business continues to thrive after switching to CabCard, and they have cemented their position as the leading taxi fleet in their area.

60% reduction in card processing costs by switching to CabCard, thousands of pounds each month.

Customers can pay in the vehicle using Contactless, Apple Pay & Google Pay.

Drivers are paid directly into their bank accounts by CabCard, freeing up the fleet's management team for more important activities.

Torbay managers have access to detailed analytics about each driver's transactional activity and history, allowing them to see who is performing best across their fleet.

Key Details

Business type

Private Hire Fleet

Number of cars


Driver status


Dispatch system



CabCard Pocket Terminal

The Pocket payment terminal is slim and convenient, connecting via 3G SIM card and requiring no Bluetooth interaction or app. Receipts are provided using electronic receipts.

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