CabCard Go

Your phone is now a contactless terminal

Accept contactless payments without any extra hardware.
No bluetooth, no cables, no card reader.
Just an app on your phone.

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How it works

Take contactless payments on your smartphone

The CabCard Go app is a Software Point of Sale (Soft POS).
It enables you to take payments using cards, mobile wallets and NFC wearables on your mobile phone.

Download the app

Grab the app from the Google Play Store. Log in with your existing CabCard account, or register as a new customer.

Start taking payments

Accept contactless payment by card, Google Pay & Apple Pay and more. PIN entry is also supported.

Get paid to your bank account

As your payments are processed, your money is paid directly to your bank account daily or weekly — it's up to you.


American Express support coming soon

Simple for drivers

Download the app, log in and you're ready to start taking payments. Accept contactless payments, including when a PIN is required.

Easy payments

Get paid directly

Low processing rates

No monthly fees


Ideal for taxi fleets.

Equip your entire fleet with in-vehicle card payment facilities in under a day.

Low upfront cost

No need to purchase payment terminals - download them instead.

No hardware to maintain

Avoid hardware maintenance administration and bluetooth connectivity headaches.

Stay in control

Monitor all transactions across your fleet in real-time through your online dashboard.

Drivers are paid directly

We'll pay your drivers, reducing your administration costs and eliminating back-office work. If you prefer, we can pay to your company account instead.

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CabCard works with your existing tools

Whatever data dispatch system you're using, we'll fit right in.


API integration available.


Autocab integration available.


Cab9 integration coming soon.

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Start taking payments today

It's quick and easy to register for CabCard Go.

Are you registering as a fleet or an individual?

Questions? Email or call 0203 9555 400