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Case Study: KLM Taxis

Private Hire Fleet · 45 Vehicles · Kettering, Northamptonshire


KLM Taxis is a long-established fleet in Kettering, Northamptonshire, made up of 45 vehicles. The company was experiencing a number of problems with their card payment provider, which was linked to their iCabbi data dispatch system:

Bluetooth card readers were prone to connection issues. This led to inaccurate recording of transactions on the iCabbi system.

Transactions appeared to fail when in fact they had been successful, which meant passengers were being charged more than once for the same journey. This impacted negatively on the reputation of their business and was a cause of great concern.

Furthermore, the previous payment solution did not allow the option for a driver to be paid directly to their own bank account, which resulted in additional admin for KLM.

KLM had no real-time overview of their driver activity and their card payment transactions, which was considered essential in delivering good customer service, especially to manage customer service enquiries and any complaints.

KLM needed to find a dependable and modern payment solution that allowed them to take advantage of the rise in demand for contactless payments being made in-vehicle and a solution that much better fitted their business needs.

“The whole process with CabCard has been flawless from start to finish... it simply works straight out of the box.”

Danny Smith, KLM Taxis Team Leader

CabCard's Solution

KLM decided to give a CabCard Pocket terminal to every driver. A modern standalone card payment terminal, it fits easily into a driver's pocket or car glove box, or it can be displayed in the car using a low cost holder. Its included SIM card makes it easy to use for drivers and convenient for customers, especially for accepting all types of contactless payment devices.

KLM has also significantly advanced its business efficiency by using iCabbi APIs in order to integrate the iCabbi and CabCard systems, so that jobs are automatically updated once paid in-vehicle by card or contactless payment. CabCard's experience with the API integration meant they were able to guide KLM through an easy system integration process from start to finish.

CabCard pays each driver their fares and tips directly to their bank account and every KLM driver can view their own transactions in real time using the CabCard driver dashboard portal. Drivers can see their transactions and review account balances and payout history from a smartphone or laptop. This process eliminated much of the previous KLM office admin and related costs.

KLM also has access to their own CabCard fleet operator dashboard portal showing details of real-time transactional activity and analytics right across their fleet.

KLM's drivers and staff are able to call upon CabCard's UK based friendly support team by either phone, email, web chat or WhatsApp with any questions.

“The whole process with CabCard has been flawless from start to finish and CabCard has given us a much greater visibility within our business whilst reducing our direct responsibility. It simply works straight out of the box.”

Danny Smith, KLM Taxis Team Leader

Key Results

KLM has resolved the negativity and reputational issues that they had experienced with their old system. Partnering with CabCard has allowed them to provide a top-quality customer experience at point of payment by passengers who can use a card or a contactless-enabled payment device, and this has been achieved in every KLM vehicle.

KLM drivers and customers can each experience CabCard's easy to use, reliable payment solution.

Customers simply tap and go in the car by card, contactless or with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Drivers are paid directly to their bank account, freeing up KLM staff time and saving money.

Drivers can access their own payment portal to check payments.

KLM's integration of its iCabbi dispatch system and CabCard's payment system has improved all round operational efficiency.

KLM Managers have detailed analytics about each driver's transactions and operational staff have real time full oversight on transactional activity enabling them to answer any customer queries that may arise.

Any issues are dealt with quickly and easily by the CabCard Support team.

Key Details

Business type

Private Hire Fleet

Number of cars


Driver status



CabCard Pocket Terminal

The Pocket payment terminal is slim and convenient, connecting via 4G SIM card and requiring no Bluetooth interaction or app. Receipts are provided electronically.

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