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Case Study: Emerald Taxis

Private Hire Fleet · 19 Vehicles · Evesham, Worcestershire


Emerald Taxis is a private hire fleet based in Evesham, Worcestershire, with around 19 vehicles. The company's drivers are self-employed. Emerald had previously been taking cards over the phone using an online system provided by Adelante. This antiquated approach caused some problems for the fleet:

In order to take a card payment from customers, a driver had to call the head office while the customer waited in the vehicle. This blocked the phone lines and occupied the operator's time, as well as causing frustration for drivers and inconveniencing customers.

Customers wanted the convenience of paying at the end of a journey, not at the time of booking.

Customers felt unsafe reading their card details to an operator over the phone.

Handling card payment information was causing the company to break PCI Data Security Standard rules, and increased the risk of chargebacks for the fleet.

As a result, Emerald started looking for a card payment solution tailored to the taxi sector which would enable the company to have a payment terminal in every vehicle, allowing customers to benefit from the convenience and security of paying for their journey on arrival at their destination.

“CabCard is brilliant, it's excellent... we're getting lots more business because we accept cards.”

Georgi Dimitrov, Emerald Taxis Managing Director

CabCard's Solution

After speaking with the CabCard fleets team, Emerald decided to organise a CabCard Pocket terminal for each of their drivers. A modern terminal with built-in SIM card was a great choice to help them maximise their mobile signal range, since mobile network reception can sometimes be an issue in the rural areas the fleet serves. The terminal's built-in tip feature offered an added bonus.

CabCard's team configured all of the Emerald drivers' terminals and tested them before sending them to the fleet to hand out to drivers. Emerald opted to have all fares paid to a central bank account in the name of the fleet, from where they pay out funds to their drivers.

Using CabCard's online fleet dashboard helps Emerald to keep track of payments easily; the back office team is able to view all their transactions, account balance and payout history in real time from any device. The flexibility of CabCard's payout options was a big positive for Emerald, as it allowed them to set up their payment flows in a way that suits the business best.

The fleet portal also helps the back office staff to send payment receipts directly to customers via SMS or email.

“The card terminal is brilliant... Clients absolutely love it... If I've got any problems, the CabCard team makes it easy peasy lemon squeezy ”

Georgi Dimitrov, Emerald Taxis Managing Director

Key Results

Emerald Taxis has seen a significant increase in customers using their services since putting the CabCard payment system in place, as it offers customers a level of convenience and security which the firm's competitors don't have.

Significant increase in customer bookings after installing the CabCard solution.

Customers can pay in the vehicle using Contactless, Apple Pay & Google Pay.

Fleet back office staff have full oversight over all transactional activity using the online portal.

Any issues are dealt with quickly and easily by the CabCard support team.

Key Details

Business type

Private Hire Fleet

Number of cars


Driver status



CabCard Pocket Terminal

The Pocket payment terminal is slim and convenient, connecting via 3G SIM card and requiring no Bluetooth interaction or app. Receipts are provided using electronic receipts.

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