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Payments to your bank account or prepaid card.

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Please contact our support team, who will be happy to amend your bank details for you. Please note that you will be required to verify that your bank account details match your account name, which is usually completed using a bank statement which clearly shows the sort code and account number, along with the name and address of the account holder.

CabCard will pay your transactions to you as soon as possible once the funds become available. You can check your available balance by logging into your online driver dashboard.

Generally, for Visa and Mastercard transactions the funds should be available within business 3 days of the transaction taking place. American Express transactions may become available 4 business days after the transaction.

If your account is set up for a daily payout schedule, you will be paid these funds on the same day they become available. If you are on a weekly (or other) payout schedule, you will be paid these funds at the time of your next scheduled payout.

Most customers prefer to be paid once per week, usually on a Wednesday. It is also possible for you to be paid daily (Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays). For daily payouts, a charge of 50p is deducted from each payout. There is no charge for weekly payouts. If you would like to change to a different payout schedule, please contact our support team.

Please note that for independent drivers, there may be a charge to switch from weekly to daily payouts. Finally, if your CabCard service is provided through your taxi fleet, it may not be possible to change your payout schedule due to the contract in place with your fleet.

All CabCard payouts are made on a net basis, with processing fees deducted from your payments before they are paid to you.

For example, if you took a payment for £100 and you were charged a processing fee of 1.5% + 5p, you should expect to receive £98.45 in your payout.

Your transactions will be paid in a batch, not individually, so all of your available balance will be paid to you at the time it is scheduled.


Invoices and charges

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If you are on a plan which includes service and support charges, you will be billed by Direct Debit for these fees on the 10th day of the month, in arrears. If the 10th is a weekend or bank holiday, you will be charged on the next working day.

If you pay your support and service fees by Direct Debit, the charges should appear on your bank statement with the vendor name "CabCard Terminals Ltd", although this may be truncated to a shorter version if your bank imposes character length restrictions.

No problem. Please contact our support team indicating which invoice(s) or invoice period(s) you need copies of.


Using your CabCash Visa Card

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We need to carry out standard verification checks. Once the above check has been done, you will receive an email that either approves or declines your application. This usually takes approximately 48 hours, Monday to Friday only. Your card will be sent to you, usually within 5-7 working days.

All card activity can be viewed online at Before using this site for the first time, please register your card following the instructions provided.

No problem. Please contact our support team who will collect your bank account information.

Please contact CabCash support on 0844 847 4425 and request a new card. Please note there is a charge of £10.00 for set up of a new card.

Your card balance can be checked online at or by calling CabCash support on 0844 847 4425. Please note that at present, it is not possible to check your card's balance at an ATM.

When your card expires, a new card will be sent to your registered address. It is therefore important that you update your address details by contacting our support team when you move house.

Please contact our support team to update your address details.

It is not currently possible to top up your CabCash card.

No, there is no minimum balance for your CabCash card.

CabCash does not apply any withdrawal limits to your card. You can withdraw the full balance of your card in cash, subject to a £0.75 cash withdrawal fee. Please note that some ATMs may apply their own withdrawal limits.

No, there is no overdraft facility on your CabCash card. You may only spend or withdraw the balance on your card.

If you try to spend or withdraw an amount greater than the balance remaining on your card, the transaction will be declined.

Please call CabCash support on 0844 847 4425 to reset your card's PIN.

Yes, you can use your card to make purchases or withdraw cash when abroad. Please note that different ATM charges may apply outside of the UK, and you may also be charged currency conversion fees.

You can leave money on your CabCash card indefinitely.

Yes, your CabCash card must be in your name in order to comply with regulations.

Your card must not be used at unmanned payment terminals such as "pay at the pump" fuel dispensers, ticket machines and car park payment machines or for any illegal purposes.

Replacement Card £3.95
ATM withdrawals within the UK £0.75
ATM withdrawals within Europe & Rest of World £1.50
Branch Counter withdrawals (UK, Europe & Rest of World) £4.00
SMS Balance Enquiry £0.15
e-PIN Issue / Re-issue £0.60
Investigation Fee £12.50
ATM Decline £0.50
Cancellation or redemption £15.00
Foreign Exchange Fee 2.75%
Non-Sterling Transactions

A charge of 2.75% will be levied on transactions in a currency other than GBP (British Pounds Sterling).

SMS / Text Message Balance Enquiry

To check your card's balance by SMS, text the word "balance", leave a space and then add the last 8 digits of your card (PAN) number. For example: balance 44678977. Send the SMS to: 60060.

A charge of £0.15 will be deducted from your available card balance for each balance enquiry made. You will also incur a standard network SMS charge from your mobile provider per enquiry where applicable.

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Please contact our UK based support team. We're available 24/7 to to answer your calls. We endeavour to respond to all email enquiries within 24 hours, although at weekends and holidays this may take longer.